I am a triple threat.
Who says that a Domme cannot also be an escort, sex worker..
I know other Dommes really believe they are not sex workers.  I disagree, the reality is we are alk sex workers.
Sure in our Domme capacities we are not engaging in sex acts ourselves but our subs are in fact acheiving sexual and mental gratification from our talents.
I am naturally aggressive,  naturally FULL alpha.  However I do still enjoy engaging as an escort and massuese with those clients as well and have separate sites for their viewing pleasure.
I do not feel that being an escort as well in anyway lessens my worth or legitimacy as a DOMME.
I WAS BORN A DOMME. Thats the real me.
I hope other dominatrixs and findoms queens as well as the subs I seek will accept me. Believe in me and know I live this shit to the core.
I actually find I am growing darker and less inhibited w each tribute and each sub.
Lets experience dark,  depraved desire together… But with you on your knees!