Time wasters….

Please when contacting me for a session or any information be SERIOUS.
I do not have time or patience for men who are online simply looking to
talk dirty or waste my time. I am a domme. So do not great me with “hey baby’, “hey sexy” etc. That will simply get you ignored!

Do not contact me outside of my business hours. I have a life and you will
respect my boundaries.I appreciate that you want to worship me and that you find
me to be alluring to you. But, I am available only when I say I am available.

After 10 pm I do not want any phone calls or texts. You may email and I will
get back to you at my leisure when I am able to. Remember I am the one with the control…not you.

Weekends I prefer to enjoy family time unless you have PREBOOKED your time with me with a secured deposit earlier in the week. In that situation I may make time but other than that on Saturday and Sunday I am not available to you.

Follow my rules!

Goddess Storm

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