How Goddess Storm Became who she is…

Being a sexually open and sexually liberal woman………..

How I came to be who I am..

As I have explained before I think I was born #alphafemale . I was
born strong and rigid BUT with a good heart and the ability to be there
for those closest to me.

My Backstory…

I was raised by my grandparents who were the COMPLETE opposite of sexually
liberated. However, my mother would visit atleast 3 times a week and she was
quite white livered as they call it. Meaning her sex drive and open mindedness
were off the charts.

Because I did not live with her, I would watch my mother closely when she would
visit. I loved how beautiful she was. We did not see eye to eye, but still I wanted
to be just as beautiful and powerful as she was when I was older. And believe me,
I am in fact the spitting image of my now deceased momma. From about the age of
7 I remember my mother beguiling men to do and give her whatever she desired.

Her charm combined with her strong temperament were a force not many men could escape . ( Some of that was her protection mechanism after abusive relationships and being raped in her younger days) She was not the best mom as she had mental illness and as we now would call PTSD so her parents raised me , but she was quite a woman.

She at one time had about 7 real diamond engagement rings. My mom would
get whatever she wanted and then give me the jewelry once she tired of it and the men.

I remember she was very open with me at times ,maybe too open and she would
discuss meeting wealthy men where she worked as a cocktail waitress and that they would pay her for golden showers or to sit on glass coffee tables and take a shit while they laid underneath and watched. She would get them hooked. She also loved regular normal hot passionate sex as well make no mistake. My mother was a sexual chameleon with little sexual boundaries.

My parents taught me about the birds and the bees when I was 14 with wine coolers and 2 porn movies.
LOL yes really thats how I learned the non pg version outside of health class.

Outside of my mothers prowess , I would say I learned a lot of other sexual things by listening to my idol Prince. his music shaped and molded a lot of what I would become curious about sexually. A lot of what I would want to partake in and experiment with as I got older. He taught me sexual ambiguity and that
men can look like women, women can look like men.

Lady Cab Driver for instance I remember was sooo raunchy and I couldn’t get enough of it, lol.

I could go on and on about how I became the sexually liberated and deviant woman that I am. But I
simply wanted to give you a glimpse of what helped mold me.

To learn more you’ll have to stay tuned or book a session and come be my little bitch boy TODAY!

And remember if you are too far away and cannot meet in person you can still #tribute ! There are always
ways for good Subs to show their loyalty to their Goddess.


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