Good Morning to my Subs!


It is a great morning to submit to the will and wants of your Goddess. I am perplexed as to why my bank account isn’t running over with your contributions! #tribute is a requirement of the Findom that you peasants should be more than familiar with. You show me that you are worthy of my acknowledgement and that you deserve to be one of my followers by gifting me. In return you get off and stimulated being drained and used by me!

I am going soon on a vacay with my children and I think you fucking subs should be paying for it. Goddess needs shoes, clothing , spending money and although I have my own.. IT’S YOUR JOB YOU PATHETIC COCKSUCKERS TO BEND TO MY WILL AND TO PAY ME WHAT YOU OWE ME FOR EVEN ENTERTAINING YOUR LOSER LIVES!

Tribute amounts begin at 50.00 but honestly a good sub should be prepared to give his Mistress , his Goddess HUNDREDS, THOUSANDS if she so desires.

I desire nice things, I desire nice trips, I desire for you to BOW TO ME, AND SUBMIT unto me….

With that said, NEW golden shower video will be uploaded tomorrow.  I have not yet decided whether public or whether you will pay me to view it.

Either way, get your wallets out and begin running all your hard earned cash into my pretty hands!

Goddess Storm






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