Give me your money! Goddess going on Vacation in a week!


Your sinister, sexy Goddess is going on vacation in August the first week of August.
The sub who shows his allegiance and loyalty to me by funding or atleast
reimbursing my travel expenses will get a private video and some photos IF I

Want to have me send you a private list of things to do to please your Queen? Want
to be able to have a private Skype session or private chat with your Goddess , with you doing her every command?, with you able to gaze upon her?

IT requires you making the sacrifice of your hard earned money PIGGY!!!

Send me what you know I deserve, bow down and buy me my wardrobe. Buy my
family their school clothes, pay my rent, DO IT ALL!!!!

Why ? Because you are a pathetic, small dicked, cock sucking, subservient slave and your job is to WORK for me, in worship of me!


I accept Cashapp or Western Union!

email NOW to submit tribute.

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