Submissives doing their duties

I just came back from Florida for a week,…..

I wanted to share these photos of how my subs rewarded me by letting me torment them when I returned.

One performed several task to amuse me ( see attached description below in his own words..)

And the other couldn’t wait for my return so I could bind his feet with rope and talk shit to him, humiliate him while burning him with my cigar… ( evil smirk)

I was looking forward to making you more clips but lost my webcam in Florida so no new clips for about 2 weeks.

One of you bitches needs to #TRIBUTE me or gift me a new HD PRO webcam of my choice. Ill be waiting …

List of what my sub did for me:

Dear Goddess,
Here is what I did for you.
I hope you find this amusing
and will write about it on your blog
in your most degrading and demeaning
Pictures sent to cell phone.
The first picture is the garage floor.
You can see that it is dirty.
Then i closed the garage door
and put a butt plug and a piece
of soap of the garage floor.
i tossed the soap to the garage
door and put the plug in my ass
and then my mouth.
Then i crawled naked on my stomach
on the dirty garage door with the
plug in my mouth. When i reached the soap,
i put that in my mouth and the plug in
my ass.
Then i crawled back.  You can see
how dirty i was.
Then i attached two clover clamps to
my dick as you can see. They were attached
to a container with a rope and the
container had some chain in it.
Then i repeated the process dragging
the container along the floor of the garage.
When i got back to the starting point, i took
everything off.
Then i sat on the floor with one plug in
my ass and the other in my mouth. i reversed them
a couple of times over ten minutes.
Perhaps one day you can watch me do this
for You.


See the video of the foot burning on my main site videos page

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