Are you worthy of reward?!


Are you a good slave?
Are you prepared to be obedient?
Are you prepared and willing to give and do whatever it is I wish as your Goddess?!

I am a stern, do not waste my time Queen! I do not have time to teach you how to be a sub..
NO I do not want you to come live in my home, come be in my space or around me all the time! NO!
Your job as my sub is simply to do what I ask, when I ask and in return you earn the chance to
worship my feet, my arm pits, smell my essence, gaze upon me in the flesh!

Maybe just maybe if you are lucky Ill let you kiss my feet, rub my feet or maybe I will bend you
over and give you a swift hard spanking or maybe you would prefer my whip…!

You have to earn it though, I do not care if you empty your account and end up with nothing..
I do not care if spoiling me ruins you, ruins your life!
That is not my problem! You are to obey to serve to #TRIBUTE me period!

Your Goddess wants a new Honey Birdette Lingerie set to tempt, tease and deny you in!


I expect to have tribute of $300 by morning!

IF you are the submissive who does as he is told first…. I will reward you with photos of me in the lingerie JUST for you!

BUT not until the tribute of $300 has been met! (I DON’T WANT TO HEAR ANY STORIES OF WHY YOU CAN’T OR WHAT YOU DO NOT HAVE! MAKE IT HAPPEN!)

The pics will be how I want them to be, remember your place. You are to be grateful for me even taking the time to reward you. You are
to make ZERO demands of me!!!!

Go get busy sending me my gift!

Goddess Storm

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