Ready to play with fire?

Tidings and Bindings my loyal submissive.

It has been a long time since I’ve been able to dedicate time in my busy schedule to share thoughts of fantasy and debauchery with you.

I’ve been enjoying life and also spending more time finding my sadistic delights.

I’ve come to realize I greatly enjoy seeing men squirm in pain from caning, cock and ball torture and human ash tray activities. I also would love a sub to use safe ,but painful amounts of electro shock on!
Also binding and roping someone while teasing them and restricting them from touching me while they are blindfolded and unable to see what I’m about to make them do…..ahh yes that indeed would delight me!

Just the day before yesterday I had the pleasure of using my sub as a human ashtray every time I took a smoke break.

He is not allowed to move and must take it like a good bitch!

What would you be willing to do or tribute to and for me?!

I’d love to know your dark ,yearning, needy pathetic desires..

But there is the Golden Rule..

I will NOT acknowledge you
I will NOT speak with you


you may send tribute via$goddessstorm70

Once you’ve done that, email me to have me confirm I’ve received it and also include your DARK desire and maybe just maybe I will torment you to your pitiful threshold!

Till then…

Goddess Storm


NEW VIDEO SHOT 12/29/2019

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