Get Ready for some Pandemic Humiliation Tasks!

Its been a while since your Goddess has blessed you with Her presence.

Have you been thinking of me?
Serving me?
I think its time again for a chore list! You know my rules..
You must complete each of the five and you must SUBMIT for your humiliation and public humiliation I might add ( to be posted on my sites) photos of you doing them.

The first pic must be of you holding a sign saying. I serve Goddess Storm!

Get ready to prove your loyalty and worship me!

1. You must put on one of your wives dresses, some lipstick and some heels and take photos of you cleaning the house, cooking dinner
and on your knees scrubbing the floors with a rag, I also want one pic of you licking the kitchen floor with your nasty little tongue.

2. I want you to take a rubber band and I want you to wrap it tightly around your pathetic little balls and leave it on. I want you to
do that until they are painfully red or blue and then and only then can you take a photo and then release yourself.
3. I want you to find anything that you can use as a phallus, if you own some toys, a dildo great.
If not a cucumber or something similar will work( always use lube and be careful as to not injure yourself)
I want you to now suck on it , like you’re sucking my big strap on!!!!! I want you to deep throat it till you gag for
at least 10 min.

4. I want you to now take that same phallus and imagine yourself being fucked by my nice strap-on cock. That’s right bitch
insert it in yourself and take it up your ass at least 7 long strokes.

5. You have to make a meal and in that meal you have to include BOTH your ejaculate and your piss as an ingredient and you have
to consume the ENTIRE MEAL!!

These should give you plenty to do this week or weekend!

BTW I hope you are all doing well during the Pandemic, Pandemic or not.. your complete submission to me is still required!

Heres a couple of photos to inspire you to OBEY AND TRIBUTE!!

Tributes are to be sent to cash app $goddessstorm70

or you can email me at  for other ways to send tributes.


Ready to play with fire?

Tidings and Bindings my loyal submissive.

It has been a long time since I’ve been able to dedicate time in my busy schedule to share thoughts of fantasy and debauchery with you.

I’ve been enjoying life and also spending more time finding my sadistic delights.

I’ve come to realize I greatly enjoy seeing men squirm in pain from caning, cock and ball torture and human ash tray activities. I also would love a sub to use safe ,but painful amounts of electro shock on!
Also binding and roping someone while teasing them and restricting them from touching me while they are blindfolded and unable to see what I’m about to make them do…..ahh yes that indeed would delight me!

Just the day before yesterday I had the pleasure of using my sub as a human ashtray every time I took a smoke break.

He is not allowed to move and must take it like a good bitch!

What would you be willing to do or tribute to and for me?!

I’d love to know your dark ,yearning, needy pathetic desires..

But there is the Golden Rule..

I will NOT acknowledge you
I will NOT speak with you


you may send tribute via$goddessstorm70

Once you’ve done that, email me to have me confirm I’ve received it and also include your DARK desire and maybe just maybe I will torment you to your pitiful threshold!

Till then…

Goddess Storm


NEW VIDEO SHOT 12/29/2019

Are you worthy of reward?!


Are you a good slave?
Are you prepared to be obedient?
Are you prepared and willing to give and do whatever it is I wish as your Goddess?!

I am a stern, do not waste my time Queen! I do not have time to teach you how to be a sub..
NO I do not want you to come live in my home, come be in my space or around me all the time! NO!
Your job as my sub is simply to do what I ask, when I ask and in return you earn the chance to
worship my feet, my arm pits, smell my essence, gaze upon me in the flesh!

Maybe just maybe if you are lucky Ill let you kiss my feet, rub my feet or maybe I will bend you
over and give you a swift hard spanking or maybe you would prefer my whip…!

You have to earn it though, I do not care if you empty your account and end up with nothing..
I do not care if spoiling me ruins you, ruins your life!
That is not my problem! You are to obey to serve to #TRIBUTE me period!

Your Goddess wants a new Honey Birdette Lingerie set to tempt, tease and deny you in!


I expect to have tribute of $300 by morning!

IF you are the submissive who does as he is told first…. I will reward you with photos of me in the lingerie JUST for you!

BUT not until the tribute of $300 has been met! (I DON’T WANT TO HEAR ANY STORIES OF WHY YOU CAN’T OR WHAT YOU DO NOT HAVE! MAKE IT HAPPEN!)

The pics will be how I want them to be, remember your place. You are to be grateful for me even taking the time to reward you. You are
to make ZERO demands of me!!!!

Go get busy sending me my gift!

Goddess Storm

I attended Casey Carter’s Bday ! ( It was great)

Greetings Subs and Slaves!

It’s been forever since I acknowledged and spoke to you. Did you miss your Goddess?

This weekend was the birthday of one of the true Goddesses in the community Casey Carter
or the Casey Carter experience. She has many years in the lifestyle and has written books
or her fun, dark, amazing journey!

I was privileged enough to be included on the guest list for this event. I was supposed
to actually be on a tour in Chicago but once invited to this party decided I had to go , again
just such and honor to be included.

I am so happy I made that choice, meeting Casey, Toxic Goddess, Rita and others was just
great! A great thanks to Lorenzo for inviting me.

Here are the Twitters of these amazing Goddesses and Gentlemen who I had a great time
with last night!

Go Follow Them Now!

@readcaseycarter   ( The Goddess herself, and bday girl)




And again Happy, Happy Birthday Casey Carter!!!
( a few images I took while getting ready and while at the party)



The dancers performed for Casey!


Submissives doing their duties

I just came back from Florida for a week,…..

I wanted to share these photos of how my subs rewarded me by letting me torment them when I returned.

One performed several task to amuse me ( see attached description below in his own words..)

And the other couldn’t wait for my return so I could bind his feet with rope and talk shit to him, humiliate him while burning him with my cigar… ( evil smirk)

I was looking forward to making you more clips but lost my webcam in Florida so no new clips for about 2 weeks.

One of you bitches needs to #TRIBUTE me or gift me a new HD PRO webcam of my choice. Ill be waiting …

List of what my sub did for me:

Dear Goddess,
Here is what I did for you.
I hope you find this amusing
and will write about it on your blog
in your most degrading and demeaning
Pictures sent to cell phone.
The first picture is the garage floor.
You can see that it is dirty.
Then i closed the garage door
and put a butt plug and a piece
of soap of the garage floor.
i tossed the soap to the garage
door and put the plug in my ass
and then my mouth.
Then i crawled naked on my stomach
on the dirty garage door with the
plug in my mouth. When i reached the soap,
i put that in my mouth and the plug in
my ass.
Then i crawled back.  You can see
how dirty i was.
Then i attached two clover clamps to
my dick as you can see. They were attached
to a container with a rope and the
container had some chain in it.
Then i repeated the process dragging
the container along the floor of the garage.
When i got back to the starting point, i took
everything off.
Then i sat on the floor with one plug in
my ass and the other in my mouth. i reversed them
a couple of times over ten minutes.
Perhaps one day you can watch me do this
for You.


See the video of the foot burning on my main site videos page

What Goddess Storm Expects


This is not “let me get free time or attention from her…”

My expectations of my subs are quite simple and even logical considering
the boundaries of our relationship.

Your “job” so to speak it to worship me.
To do as you are told without question… (if physical play then yes safe words are allowed and honored)
To be obedient.
To have NO demands or expectations ( unless a particular type of fetish session has been agreed on)
To live to serve, to spoil, to give unto me .. your Goddess. Period !
So many subs seem to get the relationship boundaries confused. Or maybe it is that you are not really truly subs. I think some of you like the idea of the BDSM community but see it as just fantasy , but are not  truly committed to or understanding of what is actually required of you.

I am strict and I believe in discipline.

I do not have time nor will I entertain back and forth banter with a submissive.
I will not even acknowledge you if you have not followed the directions set forth
on my main website for contacting me.


For my #Findom gents
Minimum tribute to get my attention is 100.00 DO WHAT YOU HAVE TO DO TO FIND IT AND TRIBUTE ME.
I do not want to hear your pathetic excuses, and I damn sure do not tolerate complaints.

YOUR Goddess also enjoy gifts.
Some gifts you may send or bring to Goddess are AMAZON E GIFT CARDS,
Honey Birdette gift cards, Playfulpromises gift cards, ETSY GIFT CARDS, again
NO tribute under 100.00

I also accept cash app my cash app name is $goddessstorm70

I do real #cashpointmeets in the Gainesville Ga , Buford Ga area.

Racial Bias Against Dommes of Color


If you have come upon this page you already know I am a black Dominatrix/Findom in Atlanta.
I do travel as well.

There has always been some differences and unfair treatment and respect from clients and other sex workers regarding black , or WOC counterparts. I find it to be even more direct and ugly within the BDSM, Fetish community.

I notice even on ad sites, and social media that Black Dominatrix are not treated with the same high regard, seriousness and respect as they should be if compared to the treatment of White Dommes.

This is ridiculous!

WOC ( women of color) Dommes are just as opulent, Regal and deserving of you submissives being on  bent knee with head down as any one else. There is nothing , NOTHING more powerful that a woman in general but oh boy add some Melanin and just our natural aggressive nature that many black women have
as a survival method of this world… NOW you are talking a woman who can and will truly bring you to your knees.

Men, WOC are NOT your slaves anymore ( unless those who in the BDSM community choose to be and even then they are not slaves in my opinion they are willing submissives of their own will). Respect us, respect ALL women.

What I find even more alarming however is how White Dominatrix view and treat their fellow Black Dominatrix. I’ll bet some of your eyes rolled and your stomachs have already turned simply because I used the word “fellow”. That’s right my porcelain, Ivory skinned ladies and gents of the BDSM, KINK community. YOU ARE NO BETTER THAN WE ARE! You are no more and no less deserving of a submissives true loyalty, reverence, servitude than I or any other Domme/Dom of color is. I think some of you Dominatrix ladies and gents forget that.

I see and notice the comments, the online jabs regarding WOC or any Domme of colors posts, comments , photos.

You do not have OWNERSHIP of the BDSM community ! Your skin color, hair texture do not make you more powerful or more worthy of being worshiped than any of the rest of us.

I assure you , I am Dominant, Alpha and I might add, TO MY CORE!
It’s not fake, its true to my real nature.

Therefore, remember who you are Greeting, talking to and talking with when
approaching me….


Wickedly Yours,
Goddess Storm of Atlanta

** Oh and for the person who thought they’d tell me I have no class, THAT was truly funny. I have more class than most people I meet anywhere at anytime. ( You simply if we are real took the safe route to avoid any racial slurs you truly wanted to use given our earlier exchange)***