Get Ready for some Pandemic Humiliation Tasks!

Its been a while since your Goddess has blessed you with Her presence.

Have you been thinking of me?
Serving me?
I think its time again for a chore list! You know my rules..
You must complete each of the five and you must SUBMIT for your humiliation and public humiliation I might add ( to be posted on my sites) photos of you doing them.

The first pic must be of you holding a sign saying. I serve Goddess Storm!

Get ready to prove your loyalty and worship me!

1. You must put on one of your wives dresses, some lipstick and some heels and take photos of you cleaning the house, cooking dinner
and on your knees scrubbing the floors with a rag, I also want one pic of you licking the kitchen floor with your nasty little tongue.

2. I want you to take a rubber band and I want you to wrap it tightly around your pathetic little balls and leave it on. I want you to
do that until they are painfully red or blue and then and only then can you take a photo and then release yourself.
3. I want you to find anything that you can use as a phallus, if you own some toys, a dildo great.
If not a cucumber or something similar will work( always use lube and be careful as to not injure yourself)
I want you to now suck on it , like you’re sucking my big strap on!!!!! I want you to deep throat it till you gag for
at least 10 min.

4. I want you to now take that same phallus and imagine yourself being fucked by my nice strap-on cock. That’s right bitch
insert it in yourself and take it up your ass at least 7 long strokes.

5. You have to make a meal and in that meal you have to include BOTH your ejaculate and your piss as an ingredient and you have
to consume the ENTIRE MEAL!!

These should give you plenty to do this week or weekend!

BTW I hope you are all doing well during the Pandemic, Pandemic or not.. your complete submission to me is still required!

Heres a couple of photos to inspire you to OBEY AND TRIBUTE!!

Tributes are to be sent to cash app $goddessstorm70

or you can email me at  for other ways to send tributes.


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